KR 300-2 PA

KR 300-2 PA -HIGH-SPEED, HIGH-PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS. Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

KR 300-2 PA

The KR 300-2 PA is a palletizing robot that adapts flexibly to every situation. It loads and packages even heavy payloads fast and accurately. This palletizer masters tasks in the heavy payload range with optimal cycle times.

More Information
Product Series Name N/A
Manufacturer KUKA
Payload 300 kg
Axes 4
Horizontal Reach 3150 mm
Vertical Reach N/A
Repeatability ±0.08 mm
Maximum Speed N/A
Typical Applications Palletizing, Other handling operations, Packaging and order picking
Robot Data Sheet N/A
Product Brochure N/A
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