DAKSWAN Automation Services

DAKSWAN Automation Services

Robotics Integrator

Our Engineers will provide a complete package of robot integration as well as service center which includes

  • Path programming
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Repairs and de-bugging

Controls Panel Design & Fabrication/Special Wiring Solutions

We have our own panel fabrication shop, specializing in:

  • Designing electrical panels (providing CAD drawings) and building all your control panel with accuracy & safety
  • Aiding you with recurring wiring applications like wire harness, sub panels etc.

Software Programming Solutions

 We have the skill and experience to bridge the gap between the production floor and IT, allowing your data to be placed into the right hands at the right time. 

  • Software programming solutions to logic controller (PLC), operator interface (HMI)
  • Other software based solutions like Motion Control, Visual Basic, Visual C, CNC, Bar Code Scanning, RFID, Robotics, etc.

Machine Build Solutions

Our goal is to make sure you receive a solution that is appropriate for your business and related processes. We supply your needs for

  • tooling
  • gauging
  • retrofitting of existing machine
  • designing and building new machines

Service/Startup Solutions

When it comes to service, our engineers have the troubleshooting skills necessary to pinpoint and correct problems that are hard to find. DAKSWAN always provides startup support with every project giving you peace of mind.

Contract Engineering Solutions

DAKSWAN has provided and will provide these service to our customers when desired which not only frees up their own personnel, but also allows us to handle the project intricacies from large to small.