Screen Editor

 GP Editor
Screen Editor
GP Editor is a dedicated screen editor software used to create, edit, and monitor the screen data of GP/LP devices. All data arrangement, layout, shapes, properties can be edited using the GP Editor. The screen data can then be downloaded and applied on GP/LP panels.

* Supports various fonts
  Supports Windows TrueType fonts and various bitmap fonts (font selection)
* Convenient user interface
* GP/LP firmware upgrades
* Screen layout:
   Title bar, menus, tools, status bar, editing area, non-editing area, preview
* Various editing features (group, align, individual select, draw)
* Pars/panel kit library
   - Panel kit library: library created by users
   - Part library: standard library provided by developers
   - Part: register multiple individual/group images (lines, rectangle, circle, text, BMP)
* Diverse image library provided
* Overlap screen for improved screen editing efficiency and data size efficiency 
* Memory function
  Delete pre-stored project screens on GP/LP, including screen layout, memory size, check firmware version, etc.
* Check data function
   Checks for errors or faulty data, and is excecuted automatically after downloaded to GP/LP panels.
* Preview function
   Preview the screen at the same ratio as would be shown on the device
* Help information provided