Key Features

  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 & NT
  • Define actions for three events per key; when a key is pressed, while a key is pressed, when a key is released
  • Assign multiple actions as a macro to a single keystroke
  • Assign an action to combinations of keys
  • Different functions for different active screens
  • Communication drivers for major PLC brands (IDEC, AB-Micrologix, Mitsubishi, Aromat, Siemens S7-200, Koyo, Modicon & Keyence)

WindMSG is a Windows based programming tool designed to program IDEC's HG1X Series of Operator Interfaces.

DEMO Software

WindMSG Demo software allows you to demo the simplicity and ease of using the HG1X Text display programming software. There is no time limit and it is completely free! Only limitations is that you can not download or upload projects to the HG1X display. But you can create and save projects and once a licensed version is purchased you can download any saved project to the HG1X text display.

WindMSG ver. 2.0H Update 1

Download the latest upgrade of WindMSG (ver. 2.0H Update 1). It now supports the following:

  • New model of IDEC PLC part number FC5A-D12K1E/-D12S1E
  • Windows Vista/Windows 7 for 32 & 64 bits